General Estate Planning

The attorneys of Quarterman Hodson & Morang, P.C. are experienced in forming estate plans which address the particular needs of your family.

Many families are unaware of the many vehicles for transferring an accumulated lifetime of assets to loved ones. Consulting an attorney or tax professional to determine the best way to protect and convey your assets, whether large or small, is important in the face of changing healthcare and tax laws. We are experienced in many different kinds of trusts, Medicaid and Medicare planning, Social Security Law, and generalized estate planning, all of which may help a client be more comfortable during his or her life, and which may help preserve certain assets for loved ones left behind. Furthermore, estate planning is something that may beneficial for all levels of wealth.


The attorneys of Quarterman Hodson & Morang, P.C. have experience in drafting all different kinds of trusts to suit the needs of clients.

Whether it is a Marital Deduction Trust or a Special Needs Trust, there may be a trust that can help make your loved ones more comfortable, depending upon the details of your assets and family. Additionally, the attorneys of Quarterman Hodson & Morang, P.C. are experienced in advising Trustees and Beneficiaries as to their rights and duties.

Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare

The attorneys of Quarterman Hodson & Morang, P.C. are available to assist as you navigate the often confusing halls of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

We can attest to the fact that correspondence received from these programs is often incomprehensible, and misinterpreting it may affect benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. We are happy to help in any way in resolving problems that may arise in dealing with these government programs.